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It is no secret that many organizations with an abundance of educational expertise and who can play a key role in inspiring young people struggle when it comes to internal digital expertise and capacity. Too frequently, the terms digital divide and museums seem to go together. Streamable Production is here to help our content partners create high quality, low cost film productions and animation. This is why we created Streamable Productions.


Streamable Production can help organizations further explore and expand their use of video and animation in support of their missions. Equally importantly, we can do so at at entirely new price points. So make sure you talk with us before you move forward on your video production or animation project.

Starting Point

Have you already started production? Or, has your team just started researching an idea you are all really passionate about? Regardless of where you are in your process - we would like to help you! Our team at Streamable Productions is comprised of several different partners that can help you develop your idea at any stage of your process. From production to distribution, we can’t wait to join you on your journey.


Everything begins with a phone call. We carefully consider what the subject matter is, and where your team is in your process before coming on board. Once we establish goals, and figure out what is needed, we help you seek out funding with organizations that reflect what it is being created. From there our production team works very closely with your team in making an aesthetically rich, and genuinely captivating short film. We then explore whether supplemental materials should accompany our project. After filming and editing are com-plete, we distribute the project via, Streamable Learning to the hundreds of thousands of children we work with, in classrooms across America. Last but certainly not least we will ask that some of the people that had on-camera roles, schedule a series of live-streams, so students can ask questions and interact with the crew -deepening the engagement and learning experience.


From businesses and corporations to grants and foundations, we carefully consider where, what, and who is the right fit of support for the projects we work on. Every project has its own unique path, and we strive to recognize that. Perhaps it makes the most sense to find a funding partner that wants to sponsor our joint project for the purpose of advertising, PR, or workforce development. Whatever it is, it is important to consider everyone’s needs and expectations upfront, so we can move forward together as a team.


When we sought to build a partnership model to support Streamable Productions, we had two goals in mind:

  • Find production partners who have a track record in creating high quality video productions and animations
  • Find partners who understand and can meet the price points the market should be demanding. We are pleased to announce our first production and animation partner: Cutting Factory.

  • Cutting Factory is a 3D animation and video production company, with offices in the US, the UK and Europe. They provide video content, bumpers, still image renders and 3D animation, at a fraction of the price of most boutique agencies and serve clients who are in need of imagery to create a stronger presence and engagement for their organization.

    Sample Videos:

    3D Renders:

    Branded Advertising:


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